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So, my long asked for and awaited tutorial series Advanced Bootstrap to WordPress Conversion has finally launched today. I am working hard to make this as educational and useful as I can. I have taken a lot of the advice of my subscribers and added project files on my GitHub page for people to download, […]

I recently deployed some work on my rails 5 app to heroku and could not get background images to load.  The reason was that when images are loaded to heroku they add a hash to the end of the image name.  Then when the standard image call looks like this: background: url(your_image_name.jpg); It will only […]


So, in my spare time I have been building a Ruby on Rails application.  A good buddy of mine, David Martin, did all the design work for it and I have been building out the front end.  His work is awesome!  One thing that really elevates the design is custom fonts.  Adding fonts to a website […]

I created a tutorial screencast on how to use the WordPress loop in a pages content area.  To achieve this I created a function with the WordPress Loop that I needed and then a shortcode to call it in a content area.  A few issues that had to be overcame were that you can’t echo out […]

I noticed that there were actually people that were watching my tutorials on how to convert a Bootstrap Template into a custom WordPress Theme and eagerly awaiting for me to finish them.  I had gotten very busy with client work, so I was putting off finishing them.  Well, I decided to just sit down and […]

Internet Explorer’s (IE) support shortcoming have been well documented and I know I really don’t have to explain why web developers despise the browser.  Microsoft knows what a poor browser IE has been and has now released Edge which is the replacement browser for IE launching on Windows 10.  Early reviews are positive, but not […]

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