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I created a tutorial screencast on how to use the WordPress loop in a pages content area.  To achieve this I created a function with the WordPress Loop that I needed and then a shortcode to call it in a content area.  A few issues that had to be overcame were that you can’t echo out […]

I noticed that there were actually people that were watching my tutorials on how to convert a Bootstrap Template into a custom WordPress Theme and eagerly awaiting for me to finish them.  I had gotten very busy with client work, so I was putting off finishing them.  Well, I decided to just sit down and […]

Internet Explorer’s (IE) support shortcoming have been well documented and I know I really don’t have to explain why web developers despise the browser.  Microsoft knows what a poor browser IE has been and has now released Edge which is the replacement browser for IE launching on Windows 10.  Early reviews are positive, but not […]

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Anytime you are developing things for the web color is going to come into play.  Knowing RGB and hexadecimal colors codes is almost impossible to avoid.  One of the most useful tools I have found online for this is a killer color scheme and hexadecimal code look up tool.  The site was formally known as […]

I have created part 2 of my new screencast project where I convert a Bootstrap Template into a WordPress Theme.  In this video I get into how to start building out your file structure and beginning to transfer the Template files into them. Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing!

So, my previous website was originally designed to be a single page html site.  As I have been working more and more exclusively in WordPress and having a need to better display my work I decided I would do a website redesign.  Now, I have a website that not only perfectly displays my portfolio, but […]

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